Episode #18, Caring Leaders

In this month’s podcast, we highlight that Army finally beats Navy and a new Secretary of Army is proposed. The podcast topic this month is about caring leadership and we offer tips to consider to ensure that your actions match your statements. I talk about 5 considerations Army noncommissioned officer should consider when it comes to building enriched relationships with subordinate,... Read More

Epi. #15, Soldier for Life: SMA Jack L. Tilley interview

SMA Jack L. Tilley Inteview In Episode #15 host Dan Elder sits down with Sergeant Major of the Army Jack L. Tilley, USA, Retired and they talk about his new book Soldier for Life: Leader Lessons From The 12th Sergeant Major Of The Army Jack L. Tilley. He explains that the book is more than just an autobiography of Jack L. Tilley, the... Read More

Epi. #14, Getting Back to Basics

Back to Basics In this episode CSM (Ret.) Dan Elder discusses getting back to the basics and attempts to identify a few foundational techniques company grade noncommissioned officers should master. Key to a professional leader’s style are in being grounded in the way that they operate, those basic behaviors that set them apart from others. The way we perform is usually influenced by... Read More

Epi. #13, Techniques for Transmitting Information

Transmitting Information In Episode #13 I talk about transmitting orders and information, and offer up a tool for building better relationships by using storytelling as a method. The NCO Guide is a forum for the host CSM (Ret.) Dan Elder and his guests to discuss topics of interest to US Army noncommissioned officers and to enhance the dialog between professionals,... Read More

BG Sinclair, Uniform Policy update, and Mentorship. Episode 10

BG Sinclair, Uniform Policy update, and Mentorship This week on Episode 10 of the NCO Guide podcast we look at some current events and our primary topic is about Mentorship. CSM (Ret.) Dan Elder and his co-host CSM (Ret.) Archie Davis discuss how the verdict of the Sinclair case may affect the Army in the long term. We also look... Read More

A Conversation with CSM (Ret.) Joe Gainey, Podcast #8

Joe Gainey Interview For this week’s podcast I had a conversation with Command Sergeant Major William (Joe) Gainey, a career Calvaryman and Scout, Joe was CJTF-7 and MNC-I CSM, and was selected as the first Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff. CSM (Ret.) Joe Gainey entered basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky on June... Read More

Standards and Discipline, Episode #6

Standards and Discipline This week on the NCO Guide CSM (Ret) Dan Elder and CSM (Ret) Archie Davis talk about Standards and Discipline in NCO Guide podcast #6. We look at and define Standards, review doctrine, and ask ourselves and YOU about standards and discipline? Please add comments here in the comments section, or call our Hotline at (254) 853-4410,... Read More

Podcast: Who is Training the Platoon Leader?

Who is Training the Platoon Leader? Please note we are aware of our technical problem and the poor sound quality. We felt it important to share this discussion and we will work harder to ensure our levels are corrected for future editions. This week on the NCO Guide CSM (Ret) Dan Elder and CSM (Ret) Archie Davis ask the question... Read More

Authority of the NCO, Podcast #3 (Jan 21, 2014)

Authority of the NCO Podcast #3 (Jan 21, 2014). This week on the NCO Guide podcast CSM (Ret.) Dan Elder and CSM (Ret.) Archie Davis discuss from where noncommissioned officer authority comes from, and we look over the 10-functions of the NCO Support Channel. Visit us at or call our Hotline at (254) 853-4410 to engage. Use hashtag #ncoguide on Twitter.... Read More