Podcast: Who is Training the Platoon Leader?

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Who is Training the Platoon Leader?

Please note we are aware of our technical problem and the poor sound quality. We felt it important to share this discussion and we will work harder to ensure our levels are corrected for future editions.

This week on the NCO Guide CSM (Ret) Dan Elder and CSM (Ret) Archie Davis ask the question in the NCO Guide podcast #4 “Who is Training the Platoon Leader?” We look at doctrine, as well as what is going on in the field, and talk about the roles and responsibilities of the platoon sergeant, as well as company members, and the PSGs role in training the Platoon Leader. This week we have a guest commenter join us as well as quotes for winners.

CSM Dan Elder, USA, Retired

One thought on “Podcast: Who is Training the Platoon Leader?

  1. Dan what happened to the end of the podcast it ended with the common goal.. Moving forward this is an awesome topic and one that should truly be on the table for discussion… who is developing our platoon leaders? As you know I retired from the US Army as a First Sergeant in 2009. In 2006-2007 I had the honor of developing our Ordnance Officers & Warrants at Aberdeen Proving Ground… In this environment the First Sergeant is the enlisted advisor at all levels within the company (from the squad leader to the first sergeant) We all know it is the platoon SGT’s responsibility to develop these young leaders & I could go on and on about this topic and why I was selected by the Command Sergeant Major after a discussion he had with the Battalion Commander that came down from the Chief of Ordanance. The solution was to quickly move me from one command team to another so I could focus on developing our Ordanace Officers. I believe it takes a developed knowledgeable skilled seasoned senior leader that understands the roles and responsibilities and the full spectrum of the operation to provide professional & personal development. As I listened to you and Archie in @podcast#4, you mentioned how critical this development is not just for the individual but for the mission and you discussed the impact the platoon sergeant has on the platoon leader and I agree.. So let’s move on to something else you discussed which is near and dear to my heart and that is developing people which leads to healthy relationships. I truly believe this is the foundation of having a healthy organization but I would like to leave you and Archie with this question, who is developing our young enlisted advisors?

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