NCO 2020: Understanding the Lines of Effort

NCO 2020 Strategy The NCO 2020 Strategy was developed for many different reasons and the roles and responsibilities for Noncommissioned Officers have evolved significantly over the last few decades. NCOs in today’s environment have had to adjust in a deliberate and comprehensive approach. The days of not understanding your duties and responsibilities have been replaced with more stringent requirements at... Read More

BG Sinclair, Uniform Policy update, and Mentorship. Episode 10

BG Sinclair, Uniform Policy update, and Mentorship This week on Episode 10 of the NCO Guide podcast we look at some current events and our primary topic is about Mentorship. CSM (Ret.) Dan Elder and his co-host CSM (Ret.) Archie Davis discuss how the verdict of the Sinclair case may affect the Army in the long term. We also look... Read More

Standards and Discipline, Episode #6

Standards and Discipline This week on the NCO Guide CSM (Ret) Dan Elder and CSM (Ret) Archie Davis talk about Standards and Discipline in NCO Guide podcast #6. We look at and define Standards, review doctrine, and ask ourselves and YOU about standards and discipline? Please add comments here in the comments section, or call our Hotline at (254) 853-4410,... Read More

Retirees to lose AKO. Did you use it, will you miss it, or do you care?

Retirees to lose AKO In the last edition of Army Echoes, it was announced that the Secretary of the Army directed a significant change to Army Knowledge Online (AKO), as HQDA moves toward “the information foundation of Army 2020.” The article explained that among the key components of this transformation will be that military retirees, family members and Army civilian... Read More