Epi #12, Why the Specialist Rank doesn’t Work

Why the Specialist Rank doesn’t Work

This episode I talk about providing customized advice via podcasts and explain how the Specialist ranks came to their ultimate demise, and why it was not good for the Army. IMHO, now is not a better time to bring them back, either. I introduce two new segments, This year in NCO History where I highlight a fun fact about NCO History, and then highlight a US Army NCO worth knowing about.

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CSM Dan Elder, USA, Retired

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2 thoughts on “Epi #12, Why the Specialist Rank doesn’t Work

  1. Ridhwan

    Hi Mr Dan
    I am listener from Singapore. It seems to me the pod cast for “epi-12-why-the-specialist-rank-doesnt-work/” is not working for all sources.

    1. Thanks, we have since corrected that. Episode #12 is back online.

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