Epi. #15, Soldier for Life: SMA Jack L. Tilley interview

SMA Jack L. Tilley Inteview

In Episode #15 host Dan Elder sits down with Sergeant Major of the Army Jack L. Tilley, USA, Retired and they talk about his new book Soldier for Life: Leader Lessons From The 12th Sergeant Major Of The Army Jack L. Tilley. He explains that the book is more than just an autobiography of Jack L. Tilley, the 12th Sergeant Major of the Army, it is a series of leadership lessons based on selected stories from his more than 35-year career. The last Vietnam veteran to serve in that position from 2000-2004, SMA Tilley was at the Pentagon when terrorists crashed a plane into the nation’s largest “office building” on September 11, 2001. He and his co-author, Dan Elder weave a story beginning with Tilley’s enlistment into the United States Army in the summer of 1966, his deployment to Vietnam, his ascension to positions of great responsibility, and describe influential events leading up to his eventual selection and assignment as the 12th Sergeant Major of the Army. Unique to his story are the “Understanding Tilley” segments that close each chapter where Tilley reflects on the chapter events, describes how those events influenced him, as well as explore lessons that the reader can use on their own journey.

CSM Dan Elder, USA, Retired

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Dan is a leadership coach, management consultant, and change agent who has mentored hundreds of leaders at all levels. A retired Command Sergeant Major with more than 26-years serving soldiers and their families, he has deployments to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iraq. Dan's culminating assignment was as the senior enlisted advisor of a major Army Command (USAMC) and as the Army's senior enlisted sustainer. He served on the Sergeant Major of the Army's Board of Directors and is author, editor or advisor to a number of soldier-related books and articles. Working as an independent consultant and small-business owner in Killeen TX, Dan continues to serve soldiers as a Blogger, Podcaster and Speaker. He was selected as the first enlisted Senior Fellow for the Association of the United States Army and was inducted to the US Army Sergeants Major Academy Wall of Fame, and the US Army Ordnance Corps Hall of Fame

2 thoughts on “Epi. #15, Soldier for Life: SMA Jack L. Tilley interview

  1. Kaitlin Bryce

    Jack L. Tilley made my brother, Justin Bryce’s dream come true in the army in 2002. Just cannot thank him enough for the way he treated our family and took time to really make Justin’s last few memories the way he wanted it, a sergeant in the US army. The last 15 years, all I’ve wanted to say is thank you.

  2. Patrick G Volling

    SMA Tilley was my drill sergeant at Fort Polk Louisiana July- September 1972. I still, to this day, credit him with making me who I am today. I only wish that some day, some how I can meet him again and personally thank him.

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