Developing Trust, Episode #2

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Developing Trust

In Edition #2 we talk about a foundational characteristic of soldiering, and that is Trust. This week CSM (Ret.) Dan Elder and CSM (Ret.) Archie Davis dissect the term Trust and talk about trust between comrades, between the leader and the led, as well as trust in our leaders, appointed and elected.

We have opened the discussion in our comments section, you can call our hotline at (254) 853-4410 and leave comments as well.


CSM Dan Elder, USA, Retired


4 thoughts on “Developing Trust, Episode #2

  1. Robert Salmon

    Really like the idea of your site Dan – best of luck! See you on the high ground.

    1. Thank you Robert, your feedback is important and we look forward to seeing where we can take this.

  2. Not the hotline!!!! Lol awesome!!! This is evolving into an awesome product/service…

    1. Yes, the hotline allows callers to leave a message with a question, or to weigh in on a topic in advance of our discussion, we will play any message on the podcast and address the topics of the callers. The number is (254) 853-4410, so thanks for the reminder.

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