RFI: Upcoming Podcast, “Who is training the Platoon Leader?”

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Who is training the Platoon Leader

This week on the NCO Guide we ask the question “Who is Training the Platoon Leader?” We look at doctrine, as well as what is going on in the field, and talk about who is training the Platoon Leader. This week we hope to hear from you as we take comments from our readers and listeners online and in social media. If you would like to make a comment and want to be on the show call us on the TBS Hotline at (254) 853-4410, leave a voice mail we will play it on our upcoming podcast. Or, you can leave a comment on the NCO Guide blog in the comments section at or use the hashtag #NCOGuide in your tweets, we will respond to them.

CSM Dan Elder, USA, Retired

One thought on “RFI: Upcoming Podcast, “Who is training the Platoon Leader?”

  1. Dan: I appreciate the great work you’ve done and continue to do for the Army and its backbone–the NCO Corps!

    My thoughts: If the PSG is strong (competent, good interpersonal skills), then the PSG becomes the primary trainer of a new platoon leader, especially at admin and other PLT-internal skills. The CO also has a huge responsibility, as does the XO and 1SG in many units.

    This article shares many PLs thoughts about their relationships with their PSGs:

    All the best,

    Pete Kilner

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