Change of Responsibility Script

COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR CHANGE OF RESPONSIBILITY Script CEREMONY SEQUENCE OF EVENTS BAND:  From 1045 until 1100 plays appropriate music, and the Color Guard takes its initial position. PARTICIPATING UNITS: All MSC/Battalion/Company, the Honor Company, and HHC, Your Unit Name on the final line at “Parade Rest” NLT 1050 hours. NARRATOR:  At 1058 announces “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE CEREMONY WILL BEGIN IN TWO MINUTES. ... Read More

The NCO Induction Ceremony

An unofficial guide for Noncommissioned Officers inducting the newly promoted into the Corps Prepared by: The NCO Website & SGM Dan Elder 2 October 1998 The concept of inducting newly promoted noncommissioned officers into the corps has a long-standing tradition, however is not an officially recognized or sanctioned activity. There are no official requirements to perform a ceremony of any... Read More

What’s wrong with the Change of Responsibility Ceremony?

Change of Responsibility Ceremony Noncommissioned officers are expected to teach military customs, courtesies, and traditions, yet what do you do when customs and traditions either are non-standardized or are still emerging? I mean how can something be a tradition to share and hand down when it is only just now becoming mainstream? Today the Change of Responsibility Ceremony is one of... Read More