Gearing up for Podcasts

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Yep, ol’ ¬†Topsarge has something to say and he is taking it to the new ways soldiers communicate, and that is to their smart phones. We are now transitioning our delivery to using wide wonderful world of podcasting. Just like in 1991 when we created the Old Soldiers Home BBS and then in 1997 reincarnation as the NCO Website, we may not start trends but we sure do try to provide content for those who know how to adopt a trend. Topsarge (aka CSM, Ret. Dan Dan Elder) gives you the content on the go while rest of the world is stuck in left field.

The NC O Guide podcast will soon be a reality. We are lining up the equipment and preparing ourselves for what we hope to be the next revolution in soldier generated content. Be on the lookout, and hit me up on the text machine if ou are so cutting edge you are already reading our tea leaves. Peace, out.

One thought on “Gearing up for Podcasts

  1. Michael

    Hey Dan, I cant wait to listen in on the podcasts! Keep us posted as I will surely tune in!

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