You are a Command Sergeant Major, together we are Command Sergeants Major

Together we are Command Sergeants Major I got a frantic text from a former soldier who is working for the Army and her boss, an Army Veteran, directed that she was to brief a senior sergeant major and he was demanding that she address him as “command sergeants major.” She was contacting me to make sure she wasn’t crazy and... Read More

It’s Noncommissioned Officer (not Non-commissioned)

It’s Noncommissioned Officer In many written forms by private to general. I often see the word written in the British fashion with a hyphen, which is not the US spelling for a noncommissioned officer. I see mass produced documents, posters, memoranda and plaques with that simple error. Heck, even Linkedin is trying to correct me, but they don’t obvious read... Read More

Are Noncommissioned Officers Professional?

This is in response to the Joint Forces Quarterly article Who Is a Member of the Military Profession? by COL Matthew Moten Are Noncommissioned Officers Professional? In “Who Is a Member of the Military Profession?” (JFQ 62, 3d Quarter 2011), Colonel Matthew Moten, USA, brings up some valuable points in his discussion of the professionalization of career enlisted Servicemembers, but it would be useful... Read More