Authentic Leadership Coaching

Dan Elder is an  Authentic Leadership Coach and Trainer

CSM (Ret.) Dan Elder, M.S., Authentic Leadership Coach and Trainer

I offer my military experience and knowledge as a subject matter expert and consultant, as well as proving authentic leadership coaching and training programs for individuals and organizations where we work together to create personalized action plans. Executive Coaching is an inquiry-based approach to personal and professional development that is aimed at creating awareness, generating action, and facilitating learning and growth, and it focuses on improving performance by helping individuals to develop and sustain new perspectives, attitudes, skills and behaviors.

According to the Executive Coaching Forum (2001, 9-12), there are four common forms of coaching, all of which can be a part of executive coaching while none of which fully encompass executive coaching:

  • Feedback/Debriefing/Development Planning: As the name suggests, this type of coaching occurs when an individual’s performance needs to be assessed and/or redirected. Typically, a 360-degree feedback is completed. The results are reviewed and a developmental plan is created. The coaching tends to be focused and short-term. In the past, this was simply a task completed by consultants as a management assessment or appraisal with remedial training.
  • Targeted Content Coaching: This type of coaching is designed to expeditiously impart knowledge and/or skills. Often the individual has been promoted and needs accelerated learning either in the background that supports the position or skills to support the effectiveness of the individual, such as computer literacy, financial acumen, time management, presentation and writing skills.
  • Career Coaching: This form of coaching is typically engaged as a competitive edge for an individual, even though some organizations provide it as a developmental support. The focus is to support the individual in developing a career plan, make critical work-related decisions, such as job moves, and planning career transitions, such as retirement planning and job succession.
  • Personal/Life Coaching: In many ways, this is personal growth work, where the individual seeks to create a more balanced way of living. Similar to career coaches, individuals typically hire these coaches to provide personal support in exploring personal improvement and self awareness.


CSM (Ret.) Dan Elder is a retired Command Sergeant Major with more than 35 years serving soldiers and their families. With overseas duty in Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Iraq, Dan’s culminating assignment was as the senior enlisted advisor of a major Army Command at the Army Material Command (AMC). He served as an Installation SGM at Letterkenny Army Depot, a Bn CSM and a Multi-Compo Bde CSM at Ft Riley, KS, and as a Sustainment Command CSM at Ft Hood, TX. Dan served on the Sergeant Major of the Army’s Board of Directors and has authored three books, the NCO Guide, Soldier for Life, and Sergeants Major of the Army. Postretirement Dan now works as an independent consultant and operates a project management and consulting firm company in Killeen TX; he is a certified leadership coach and trainer who has mentored hundreds of defense leaders and supervisors at all levels, Dan leads Balanced Readiness Seminars and provides feedback and action plan development using 360-degree multi-source feedback instruments. He is an author, editor and revisor of multiple books, manuscripts, speeches, articles, blog posts, reports, and whitepapers. Co-author of the book Soldier for Life published September 2015, he also is the author and editor of the NCO Guide (10th Edition) and Sergeants Major of the Army (2nd/3rd Editions). He earned a masters of science degree in corporate and organizational communication from Northeastern University and a bachelors of science in business administration from Touro College. He has been married to Gloria for 32-years and they have two daughters and four grandchildren.

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