MILPER Messages
These pages are updated daily or as required.

This MILPER Messages index was designed to provide a quick, efficient
means to impart new procedural guidance and information to the field user.
MILPER Messages and memorandums have a two-year expiration date.

The expiration of a MILPER message does not mean the procedural
guidance contained therein has expired. Questions concerning the location
of the new or changed procedures after the expiration of the message should
be directed to the message proponent. Until current regulations are updated
the contents of MILPER Messages are valid.

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Newly Established “C” and “R” Devices

MILPER # --- Issued ----- Subject

17-116 ----- 31MAR17 --- NCOPD Ribbon Changes
17-109 ----- 28MAR17 --- MOS Conversion Program
17-095 ----- 15MAR17 --- Newly Established “C” and “R” Devices
17-093 ----- 14MAR17 --- Stabilization of Soldiers/Families with Special Needs
17-089 ----- 13MAR17 --- Selective Retention Bonus March 2017
17-082 ----- 01MAR17 --- Changes to Army Aviation Badges
17-078 ------ 28FEB17 --- 2017 OCS Selection Results
17-071 ------ 17FEB17 --- Reporting and Early Arrival during Reassignment
17-070 ------ 17FEB17 --- Stabilization of Soldiers with Behavioral Health Issues
17-065 ------ 15FEB17 ---
Enlisted Aide Selection Panel
17-062 ------ 14FEB17 --- FY17 SFC Promotion Board Announcement
17-058 ------ 10FEB17 --- Reclassification to Cyber Operations MOS 17C
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