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Selective Retention Bonus (SRB) Program - March 2017
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MILPER Message Number 17-089
1. Bonus Increases contained in this MILPER message from reference (A) are
effective 15 March 2017 while decreases from reference (A) are effective on 24
March 2017 and may change after 24 April 2017 without further notice.

This message will expire no later than 31 December 2017. Changes to the SRB
program will be announced in a subsequent MILPER message. Reference A is
rescinded on 24 March 2017.

2. This MILPER message announces changes to the Active Component SRB
program. This message will be brought to the immediate attention of all
commanders, retention offices, recruiters, and Finance and Accounting Offices

3. To avoid future claims of erroneous or unfulfilled commitments, commanders
will ensure FAO and retention personnel are advised of the contents of this

4. Soldiers reenlisting under this paragraph may be entitled to a lump sum, flat-rate,
SRB payment as depicted in paragraph 6. Soldiers must currently possess a
Primary Military Occupational Specialty (PMOS) and rank with associated Skill
Qualification Identifier (SQI), Additional Skill Identifier (ASI), or language code, if
any, or be currently scheduled for training in the listed skill depicting a tiered level
in the following inventory table.

If receiving a training bonus for changing their PMOS, the tier must be listed as a
tier 3 or higher and cannot be associated with an SQI, ASI or language code unless
granted an exception listed in paragraph 8h. If already PMOS qualified but
scheduled to attend training for a listed SQI, ASI or language code, there is no tier
requirement. Bonuses will not be paid until Soldiers have successfully graduated
the PMOS and/or SQI, ASI or language code training associated with their bonus.

See Bonus Amounts by MOS
MILPER Message 17-089 for more information
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Selective Retention Bonus (SRB) Program - March 2017
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Low APFT Score Prior to BLC
Overweight Prior to BLC
Excess Leave
Travel Pass
Monthly Overweight
Safety Counseling
Magic Statement
Failure to Conduct Risk Assessment
Disobeying an Order
Drunk on Duty
Letter of Reprimand
Negligent Weapons Discharge
Emergency Leave
Motorcycle Safety
Redeployment Safety
Improper Use of Prescription Drugs
Underweight Counseling
Off Limits Areas
No Contact Order
Inappropriate Relations
Protective Order
Monthly Counseling
BLC Counseling
Family Care Plan
Initial Counseling PVT-SPC
Promotion Counseling
Loss Military Property
Domestic Issues
Lost Military ID Card
Bar To Reenlist
Government Travel Card
Corrective Training
Initial Family Care Plan
Invalid Family Care Plan
NCO Quarterly Counseling
Tuition Assistance
AWOL Letter Home
AWOL Point Paper
GT Score Improvement
Off Duty Employment
Initiate FLAG
Transfer FLAG
Marriage Counseling
Good Job Counseling
Good Conduct Medal Not Approved
Failure to Follow the Chain of Command
Late/Failed Appointments
Includes the following Counseling Examples:
New 2017
Selective Retention Bonus (SRB) Program