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FY17 Regular Army (RA)/United States Army Reserve (USAR) Active Guard Reserve (AGR) SFC Promotion Board Announcement
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Milper Message Number 17-062
1. This MILPER Message will expire NLT 10 Feb 18.

Suspense dates are as follows:
NCOER ----------------------------------------------> NLT 1700 EDT 26 May 17
Letter to the President of the Board ---------> NLT 1700 EST/EDT 29 May 17
AMHRR updates ----------------------------------> NLT 1700 EST/EDT 26 May 17
Photo accepted in DAPMIS -------------------> 29 May 17
My Board File availability timeline -----------> 6 Apr – 29 May 17
ERB updates for AGR NCOs ----------------> NLT 1700 EST/EDT 10 May 17
ERB updates for AC NCOs ------------------> NLT 1700 EST/EDT 31 May 17

2. Policy: Close attention must be given to specific eligibility criteria and other
requirements contained in this message.

a. IAW reference C, Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) selection board
is scheduled to convene at the DA Secretariat (DAS), Fort Knox, KY on 5 Jun 17 to
consider eligible Soldiers for promotion to SFC. Additional board missions include
conducting the Qualitative Management Program (QMP), Qualitative Service
Program (QSP) and Standby Advisory Boards (STAB), as needed.

b. Soldiers erroneously included in the zones of consideration for promotion, if
selected, will be administratively removed from the list.

c. Advanced Leaders Course (ALC) and Structured Self Development Level 3
(SSD-3) completion are firm eligibility requirements for consideration by this board.
Soldiers who were not already SLC graduates prior to 1 Jan 14 must be graduates
of SSD level 3 to be considered eligible for consideration by this board.

d. Under the STEP concept the Senior Leaders Course (SLC) is a promotion
pin-on requirement for Soldiers selected for promotion by this SFC board and all
future SFC boards.

(1) In support of the STEP policy, this promotion recommended list will be retained
for up to 24 months. Consequently, minimum eligibility for consideration by this
board requires Soldiers have no more than 18.5 years of Active Federal Service
based on the Retention Control Point (RCP) in their current grade as of the
announced promotion board convene date.

(2) Although, promotion is by sequence number, Soldiers who are not otherwise
fully qualified (Ref C, para 1-10) for promotion will not be selected for promotion
pin-on regardless of their sequence number.  These Soldiers will remain on the
selection list with their sequence number, but will not be selected for promotion
pin-on until after they are fully qualified and a readiness requirement exists for their
respective MOS and rank.

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FY17 Regular Army (RA)/United States Army Reserve (USAR) Active Guard
Reserve (AGR) SFC Promotion Board Announcement
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