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Army Promotion Packet Audits

Question: Who will conduct promotion audits?

Answer: HQDA may conduct random promotion score audits.

Question: My unit is currently deployed. Many Soldiers state that their supporting documents are in the rear and
that they would only be able to provide them once they re-deploy. What do we tell them?

Answer: The intent and purpose of conducting promotion audits is to ensure the new automated application is
accurate and maintains integrity of our promotion system. Conducting audits for deployed Soldiers, who are not in a
position to authenticate or provide documents to validate their promotion point computations, will not assist with this
effort. Consequently, Soldiers will be exempt from official HQDA audits while deployed.

Question: If it is determined during the audit that the Soldier cannot substantiate some of his/her points, who
corrects the points?

Answer: When an audit reveals that a Soldier had unearned promotion points, the S1 will be contacted to perform
appropriate adjustments to the Soldiers promotion points.

Question: If we audit someone and find out that they have added entries to their ERB and they do not have
documentation (i.e. COA's), what steps do we take?

Answer: If a Soldier cannot substantiate points during an audit, the S1 must make a point adjustment and inform
both the Soldier's command and the Soldier with the findings and a notification of adjusted points. Commanders will
decide what actions toward the Soldier are appropriate if any, based on the audit results.
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