The New Army Enlisted Promotion Points System 2011
Soldiers in a promotable status for the Rank of E5/SGT and E6/SSG will lose promotion points under the newly revised promotion points
system which is set to take effect 01 June 2011. The new promotion point system promises to overhaul the broke enlisted promotion
system that is currently in place so that there is fairness across the board and choose the most qualified Soldiers for promotion. Under the
current 800 point system all Soldiers get the same amount of points for both Sergeant and Staff Sergeant promotion.

The Army's new promotion point system will not award points for the promotion board or Commander's points, they will only count as a
Go/No-go. The amount of points that will be awarded will be different for E5 and E6, for example to max out on awards for E5 a Soldier will
need 125 points while to make E6 the Soldier will need 165 Points so yes this change will hurt a lot a Soldiers especially in the beginning
as most Soldiers will see their points drop when the new system takes effect. The new promotion system awards points as follows:
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New Enlisted Promotion Point System

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