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Question: On the Enlisted Advancement Report (AAA-294) for personnel that are circled “NO” for fully eligible, do you have to get a
counseling monthly or quarterly?

Answer: Yes, (AR 600-8-19, Para 1-26). "First-line leaders will counsel Soldiers who are eligible for promotion to PV2 through SSG
without a waiver (fully qualified) but not recommended in writing. Counseling will take place initially when the Soldier attains eligibility,
and at least every 3 months thereafter, and include information as to why the Soldier was not recommended and what can be done to
correct deficiencies or qualities that reflect a lack of promotion potential." Soldiers deployed should be counseled in the same manner
as those at home station.

Question: If a Soldier is flagged and is circled “NO” for fully eligible, would a copy of the flag be enough versus a counseling?

Answer: If the Soldier is flagged, then a copy of the counseling for the action causing the flag will suffice. The important thing is that the
Soldier understands the flagging action and all of the consequences including their being denied board appearance or list integration
for advancement (via counseling). If the Soldier was counseled concerning the action causing the flag and is told they are denied
advancement, then the intent has been met. If the Soldier has not been counseled, then it becomes a leader issue.

Deployment Questions

Question: Will combat deployments while members of another service (Air Force, Marines, etc.) count for promotion points?

Answer: Yes. If the Soldier brings in a DD Form 214 from a combat deployment while they were a member of another service, the ability
to include those months in the deployment counter on the ERB does exist and they will get promotion points up to the maximum

Question: If a Soldier has 12 months and 7 days of deployment time, does the Soldier get credit for that extra month if he only
completed 7 days of the following month?

Answer: No. Seven days of deployment time does not make a deployment month. You must have at least 15 or more days to receive a
complete month. Deployment months for promotion points will be determined by the months placed on your ERB in section I -
Assignment Information - OS/Deployment Combat Duty.

Question: Why will Soldiers receive points for deploying? What about me if I can’t deploy?

Answer: Soldiers will receive two promotion points per month in order to recognize the invaluable experiences gained while deployed in
a combat zone. These experiences shape their overall professional development in a positive manner – this simply recognizes it. Points
are limited to 15 combat months to SGT and 30 combat months to SSG. Soldiers who ‘max’ their APFT and Weapons Qualification
cannot max out the Military Training category without having deployed. If you cannot deploy, shift your focus on education opportunities
(both military and civilian).
The rules for updating deployment months are that it's done upon completion of deployment (redeployment). Soldiers will not receive
promotion points until after redeployment and the total months deployed are captured in their records.
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