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Army Promotion Packets

Question: Without a promotion packet for us to base the points off of, how will the initial points be entered into EDAS

ANSWER: An automated calculation of promotion scores will be based on Soldier’s personnel and training data
maintained in both the Electronic Military Personnel Office (EMILPO) and the Army Training Requirements and
Resources Systems (ATRRS). Initial points will transmit from the PPW system to EDAS after the Soldier is integrated
onto the HQDA promotion selection list. These points change as data entries are made. Subsequent points will transmit
automatically based on information that is entered onto the ERB or through ATRRS. A Soldiers actual score (for any
given promotion month) will be based on what their calculated score is on the 8th day of the preceding promotion month.

Question: What happens to the old manual promotion packet, does the MPD need to keep any documentation?

ANSWER: No, promotion scores are a function of an automated process, there is no promotion packet. Upon receipt of
the promotion board’s recommendation, the promotion authority’s decision to authorize integration of a Soldier onto the
promotion recommended list will be by memorandum (board proceedings). The unit will maintain the original
memorandum and provide a copy to all Soldiers considered by the promotion authority during the given month.

Army Promotion Reports

Question: Does the MPD/BDE S1 still pull C-10's from EDAS to pass out to our units each month and does the
MPD/BDE S1 still pull By-Name list from EDAS each month to do promotions?

Answer: Yes, MPD/BDE S1 still performs these functions.

Question: Who maintains the Enlisted Promotion Report (AAA- 294) and Enlisted Advanced Report (AAA-117) under
this system?

Answer: Those reports are maintained at the BDE/BN S1, provided that is where the promotion boards are held and
the promotion authority is the BDE or BN CDR.

Question: Will requests for denying CLI be handled as they are now?

Answer: Yes, this step in the process will not change. The Commander will need to take action to deny Command List
Integration by the 8th of the month. Failure to take action will result in the Soldiers integration onto the promotion
recommended list.
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