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Meeting Cutoff Scores/Promotion Orders

Question: Under the new system, are promotion orders still required and if so who cuts the orders?

Answer: Promotion orders are still required and are cut by BDE S1 or MPD for non PSDR units. The authorities and functions of
orders production agencies/staffs remains the same.

Question: Is the requirement to verify points when a Soldier makes cut-off still a valid requirement and if so who is responsible?

Answer: The only requirement when the Soldier meets the cutoff score is to ensure they are otherwise eligible. This includes
ensuring they are not flagged and that they have a valid APFT (within 12 months or Commander's memo if deployed). There is no
requirement to verify scores and to do so would indicate that something was not entered in the system correctly initially. Because
the score is based on the Soldier's record, it's critical that data entries - right up front - be done accurately. Once the Army sees
the score, there is an expectation that all Soldiers selected be promoted - unless they are not qualified at the time of selection. The
new system does not change that. Initially, 5% of all Soldiers selected for promotion (by-name) will be audited to ensure integrity of
the system.

Military Training/Certifications

Question: The proposed policy says formal military training in ATRRS will be worth 4 points per week. I also am reading further
down that 10 points will be given for Soldier Training Courses completed that are listed in AR 350-1. Is that 10 points period or 10
points per week?

Answer: Soldiers will be granted 10 promotion points upon completion of each Soldier Training Course, not per week of training.
All other formal military training (less PME) in ATRRS will earn 4 points per week of training.

Question: Why is so much emphasis allowed for the computer-based training? Not that cheating doesn't occur in a classroom or in
the field, but even with all that has been done, cheating online courses still happens.

Answer: Points earned as a result of computer based training have been drastically reduced under this system, and in recent
years, more emphasis has been placed on preventing students from sharing information. The new system also requires full course
completion rather than granting promotion points for sub-courses, which will encourage more students to work on their own to
complete the course.

Question: I’m competing for SSG; why don’t I receive 80 points for completion of WLC like the SPC competing for SGT does?

Answer: WLC is a promotion eligibility requirement for recommendation to the rank of SSG – so all SGT’s will be graduates of the
course – mitigating its impact on determining a best-qualified Soldier for promotion. Its true value to the promotion process is in
recognition of the increased potential a CPL/SPC will have by graduating the course – compared to those who have not completed
the training.

Question: I used to get military education points for completion of basic airborne training and completion of Drill Sergeant School.
Under the new point system I no longer qualify for points in the military education section for completing these courses, why not?

Answer: Badge producing schools will be awarded points in the military awards section and not military education section. Soldiers
won’t be authorized to earn points in two different sections for completing badge producing schools as they currently do because it
is redundant. The value added for completing the course – resulting in award of a badge – was fully taken into consideration.
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