Army Enlisted Aide Program
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Army Enlisted Aide EA Program 2015

This program's upcoming selection panel will be held Sept.
14th, and currently is accepting applications. The window to
apply will close Aug. 28.

All prerequisite data and duties for Enlisted Aides are
outlined in AR 614-200, Chapter 8, Section II, paragraph 8-11
and DoDI 1315.09

Soldiers interested in applying for this program must submit
the following documents to the HRC Enlisted Aide Manager:

credit card knife
The duties of an Enlisted Aide vary since their requirements
however, most Enlisted Aides perform the following types of

  • Maintaining the General/Flag Officers uniforms.

  • The planning and execution of official, military social

  • Daily meal preparation, to include menu development,
    shopping and storage of rations.

  • Administrative requirements and record keeping of

  • Household Management to include the upkeep and
    preservation of the assigned quarters.

  • Accomplish tasks that aid the officer in the performance
    of his or her military and official responsibilities.

For additional information contact:
Army Senior Enlisted Aide Advisor at usarmy.lee.tradoc.mbx. or call 804-734-
3103 or DSN 687-3103 or

HRC Enlisted Aide Manager at 502-613-5181 or DSN: 983-

EA Course Information: Click Here