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Army Correspondence Course Program (ACCP)

Question: Are Army Correspondence Courses still eligible for promotion points?

Answer: Yes. In order to earn promotion points, Soldiers must complete the entire correspondence course they are
enrolled in and possess a certificate of completion. Individual sub-courses on their own will not count for promotion points.

Question: Will Soldiers lose those sub-course points? Or are they "grandfathered"?

Answer: Sub-courses will not be grandfathered. Soldiers must have record of a completed full course. Sub-courses are
only part of a full course.

Question: On the chart for the conversion of Army Correspondence Courses, are the point values attributed to each
individual sub-course and then added together, or are the total hours calculated first, and then converted to promotion
points? I am guessing that the first is true, seeing that the chart only goes to 320 hours, but I would like to clarify it.

Answer: Promotion points will be based on 1 point per 5 hours of completed ACCP training – restricted to courses
completed in their entirety. The Soldier must have record of a completed full course and the total credit hours for the entire
course will be divided by 5 to determine promotion points.

Question: Is there a max number of points a Soldier can earn for ACCP?

The maximum number of points is only restricted to the total points that can be potentially earned in the overall
category. Computation of promotion points is a simple mathematical computation. For example, a Soldier completes three
ACCP course consisting of 40 hours, 165 hours and 228 hours. Add the total hours completed (40+165+228=433 hours),
then divide by 5 (433/5=86.6), then drop any decimal points. In this example the Soldier is awarded 86 promotion points.

Question: Is full ACCP course completion required to count as points? I'm being told that ACCP credit hours will only count
towards promotion if a SM has completed the full course. Is this true?

Answer: Yes. Effective with 1 June 2011 promotions, Soldiers receive promotion points for full ACCP course completion
only. Courses completed after 22 December 2010 will be added to the Soldiers ERB via ATRRS. Courses completed prior
to 22 December 2010 should be added to the Soldiers ERB by the BDE/BN S1 or MPD based on a certificate of completion.
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