Army Enlisted Promotions Question and Answers
Enlisted promotion question topics as of 13 June 2011

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Army Correspondence Course Program (ACCP)
Audits for promotion packets
Awards and Certificates of Achievement (COAs)
Civilian Education and Certifications
Command List Integration or Automatic List Integration
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Meeting Cutoff Scores and Promotion Orders
Military Training and Certifications
Army Promotion Boards
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Weapons Qualification

General Enlisted Promotion Questions
As an HR Specialist, how do I obtain access to the Promotion Point Worksheet (PPW)?   

Answer: Please forward your request through email to the Promotions Branch, HRC. Attach request to email and send

An example of the required memorandum can be found at:
The PPW access memo should be signed by an LTC or above, promotion authority (equivalent civilian is GS13 or

Question: Will Soldiers still be able to request ETPs to be promoted if they had points (such as awards, APFTs, etc.)
dated prior to the cutoff date that were not submitted into the system on time?  

Answer: Exceptions will not be granted for late entry of personnel and training data.  Also, incorrect promotion scores
predicated on missing or inaccurate personnel/training information will not constitute a basis for promotion score
adjustments to affect previously announced promotions. Corrections to either the personnel or training records affect
promotion scores moving forward and not retroactively.  

Question: Will the cutoff scores be released every month as they are now, or is that system going to change?

Answer: It will be the same. Cutoff scores are released by the 24th of each month.

Question: How will my current (3355 system) promotion point scores be affected by the promotion changes effective 1
June 2011?

Answer: Effective with 1 June 2011 promotions, you will have a revised promotion point score automatically calculated
by using promotion point eligible data that exists in your Personnel and Training Records.  Promotions effective for 1
June 2011 and after will use the Soldier’s real-time score in calculating the monthly cut-off scores for each MOS.  

Question: It appears that under the new promotion point scoring system that I could be losing a lot of points because
many courses, awards etc., will no longer be eligible for points.  Is this a true statement?

Answer: The Army fully expects that most Soldiers’ promotion score will initially drop dramatically as a result of the new
scoring system.  However, keep in mind, the cut-off scores will also drop to a proportionate level to promote the same
number of Soldiers prior to using the new point system.

Question: I have some items that would count for promotion points that aren’t currently in my record, what should I do?

Answer: A Soldier’s promotion score is established entirely based on the data collected and stored in the personnel
and training databases.  Therefore, it’s imperative that Soldiers keep their eMILPO and ATRRS information current -  it’s
the only way that promotion points will be added in order to reflect an increased promotion point total.  See your Unit S-1
for eMILPO and your unit Training NCO for ATRRS changes – and be sure to bring in your source documents.

Question: Why are there differences in the individual section point totals for each grade?

Answer: The new point system was designed to affect Soldier’s behavior, shifting the point weighting to the areas of
most importance for that grade.  Example: the Army desires SPC to focus on mastering basic Soldier Skills i.e., Weapons
Qualification and APFT first and then shift more time and attention to military education and civilian education after they
attain the rank of SGT. SPC to SGT points focus on Soldiering skills and SGT to SSG shift their focus on basic

Question: When a Soldier reclassifies, when is he/she eligible to be promoted in the new MOS?

Answer: Reclassified Soldiers are eligible for promotion in the new MOS effective the first day of the second month
following award of the new MOS.  For example, if a Soldier reclassifies, graduates AIT and is awarded MOS 68W on 7
June 2011, he or she is eligible for promotion as a 68W no earlier than 1 August 2011.  

Question: Are there still minimum points in order to be considered "recommended" (350 for SGT and 450 for SSG)?

Answer: By default, yes.  Because a Soldier must have a minimum passing APFT score, the minimum points required to
get integrated onto the list is 40 points for recommendation to SGT and 15 points for recommendation to SSG.  Any
Soldier the promotion authority identifies as having potential for promotion (with a passing APFT) will be added to the list
– regardless of their points.   

Question: Will NCOES waivers still be authorized under this new system, and if so, under what circumstances and how
do to Soldiers apply?

Answer: Yes, WLC waivers for SSG remain unchanged.  Commanders may request WLC waivers for deployed SGTs.  If
approved, the WLC waiver authorizes integration to the SSG recommended list and, if otherwise selected, promotion to
SSG. The policy requires completion of WLC within 270 days of the Soldiers re-deployment.  Failure to complete WLC
within 270 days following re-deployment will result in either reduction to SGT or removal from the SSG recommended list
– whichever may apply.  EPMD (HRC) -Schools Branch is responsible for WLC waivers. hrc.epmd.

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