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As of 7 April 2014
New Question: What is the last day for updates to the PPW for promotion selection?

New Answer: The PPW must reflect all updates by the 8th of the month to be considered for the next month's
promotion selection. Updates to the ERB through eMILPO take 24-48 hours to populate to the PPW. Please plan

New Question: How are promotion points updated in EDAS?

New Answer: An automated calculation of promotion scores is based on a Soldier's personnel and training data
maintained in both the Electronic Military Personnel Office (eMILPO) and the Army Training Requirements and
Resources System (ATRRS). ATRRS transmits training data to eMILPO (this action can take up to 12 days IAW
MILPER Message12-189), eMILPO transmits promotion data to the PPW and the PPW transmits the promotion
points to EDAS. These actions occur after the Soldier is
integrated onto the HQDA promotion recommended list (PRL). Promotion points change as data entries are added
or subtracted within eMILPO.

REMINDER: It will take 24-48 hrs for data to transmit from eMILPO to the PPW and up to 12 days from ATRRS to
eMILPO. Consideration for promotion is based on the promotion points that are reflected on the PPW as of the 8th
day of the month.

Question: If a Soldier is prior service other than active Army (ie. Marines), how are military courses converted to
receive points on the PPW?

New Answer: All items must be added by the BDE/BN S1 or MPD into eMILPO.
Military courses must be listed in ATRRS or AR 350-1 in order to receive promotion points. A Soldier must present a
source document for addition to the ERB. Use of a DD Form 214, as a source document is authorized for prior
service Soldiers. Items not annotated on a DD Form 214 must have a specific source document (i.e. Honor
Graduate must have
DA Form 1059).
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Adding Army Promotion Points
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