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The U.S. Army PowerPoint Pack contains 21 PowerPoint classes in one that can be tailored to fit
your individual training needs. The PowerPoint Pack comes complete with a menu to easily find
the class that you need for training. Download your PowerPoint Pack today for only $5
Contains the following classes:

  • Army Counseling
  • Battle Focus Training
  • Battle Drills
  • Convoy Safety
  • Core Values
  • CBRN Threats
  • Ethics
  • Equal Opportunity Program
  • Fraternization Policy
  • Heat Injury Prevention
  • How to Train
  • Ice Sheets
  • Land Navigation
  • Load Planing
  • M16 PMI
  • Military Decision Making Process
  • Prostitution and Human Trafficking
  • TARP Briefing
  • Thrift Savings Plan
  • Weight Control
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Army Counseling Examples
Get over 20 Army Counseling Statement Examples in MS word. This
easy to use program can be downloaded to any computer so you can
use it at home or your government desktop. Here are some of the
APFT Failure               Late for duty
AWOL                          Loss of Military Property
Bar to Reenlist             Lost Military ID Card
Corrective Training      Monthly Counseling
Disrespect                   Off-limits areas
DUI                              Overweight Counseling
Failure to report          Pregnancy
Family care plan         Promotion Counseling
Flagging actions         Safety Counseling
Fraternization             Soldier Debt
Gov Travel card         WLC Counseling
Initial Counseling
Money Back if you are not satisfied!
Army Power Point
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