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The Writer
Includes over 120 Army award examples!

The Writer is now available in its 10th Anniversary Edition. This new edition now includes over 130
approved award examples, more twice the content of previous editions, and now includes combat
awards. Mark Gerecht delivers a step-by-step walk through complete with a checklist, flowcharts,
examples and blank templates. The Writer also includes extracts from AR 600-8-22 to help explain
regulation in regards to specific awards and medals.

Learn how reduce the amount of time spent constructing awards while increasing the likelihood that your
award recommendation will be approved as written. Discover how to plan, organize, and write your
awards in a strategic step-by-step process.

•Determine a Soldier's award eligibility,
• gauge the appropriate type and level of award for a given achievement,
• and take Soldier information from various sources and filter it into relevant categories.
•Develop achievement statements from gathered information
•Draft an award citation
•Prepare your argument should the award you recommend be downgraded or disapproved.

Hundreds of example bullets and sentences
includes a new easy-to-navigate format, an expanded first chapter, and over 350 Opening, Helping, and
Closing sentences for citations are provided to make your award citation shine. Learn how to compose
combat narratives, combat citations, and awards for valor.

All examples are organized into the following categories: Leadership, Staff Positions, Recognition,
Volunteer, Special Duty Positions, Inspections/Evaluations, Deployment, and Miscellaneous. No leader
can afford to be without The Writer!
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