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U.S. Army Senior NCO Guide
Senior NCO and Company Commander's Quick Reference Guide is packed with all of the valuable information that every NCO and Company Commander
must posses to be successful. This guide will give you a great start no matter if you are newly appointed Platoon Sergeant, First Sergeant, Company
Commander or a seasoned leader. Download the Senior NCO guide to your personal computer, Government Computer or Smart phone today.
Army Weight Control Program
Each Soldier is responsible for meeting the standards in AR 600-9.
Commanders and supervisors will monitor all members of their Command.

Leave Policy
Encourage all Soldiers to use their authorized leave to the maximum extent

Indebtedness of Army Personnel
Members of the [Army] are expected to pay their just financial obligations in a
proper and timely manner.

Family Care Plans
AR 600-20, Army Command Policy, clarifies Family Care Plan (FCP)
requirements and includes usable examples of the various components
required for a viable FCP.

Absent Without Leave (AWOL)
The Uniform Code of Military Justice defines AWOL as a Soldier who without
authority fails to go to his or her appointed place of duty at the time

Corrective Training
One of the most effective administrative corrective measures is extra training
or instruction including on-the-spot correction.

Assignment Satisfaction Key ASK
Updated information about the ASK feature in the HRC Website which gives
Soldiers various assignment options and information.

Nonjudicial Punishment
The authority to impose nonjudicial punishment charges a commander with
the responsibility of exercising commander’s authority in an absolutely fair
and judicious manner.

Bar to Reenlistment
The Bar to Reenlistment is not a punitive action but is designed for use as a
rehabilitative tool. Imposition of a Bar to Reenlistment does not preclude
administrative separation at a later date.

Soldier, Spouse, or Child Abuse
Family Advocacy Program (FAP) guidance is provided in AR 608-18. This
section covers cases of abuse and how a commander should approach and
handle the Case Review Committee.

Support of Family Members
AR 608-99, Soldiers are required to manage their personal affairs

Family Readiness Groups
An FRG is a commander’s program formed in accordance with AR 600–20 is
to provide activities and support that encourage self-sufficiency among its

Unit Commander Financial Report
Background. The UCFR was designed to give the unit commander a one line
roll-up of a Soldier’s pay status. Commanders will receive the Unit
Commander's Finance Report at the end of each month from the BN S1
Army Counseling
Counseling is a process used by leaders to review with a subordinate the
subordinate’s demonstrated performance and potential.

Get over 20 Army Counseling Statement Examples in MS word. This
easy to use program can be downloaded to any computer so you can
use it at home or your government desktop. Here are some of the
Counseling examples included:

APFT Failure               Late for duty
AWOL                          Loss of Military Property
Bar to Reenlist             Lost Military ID Card
Corrective Training      Monthly Counseling
Disrespect                   Off-limits areas
DUI                              Overweight Counseling
Failure to report          Pregnancy
Family care plan         Promotion Counseling
Flagging actions         Safety Counseling
Fraternization             Soldier Debt
Gov Travel card         WLC Counseling
Initial Counseling
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Army Senior NCO Guide
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