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Army Physical Fitness Manual TC 3-22.20 >>> New APRT Manual is FM 7-22

Soldier physical readiness is acquired through the challenge of a precise, progressive and integrated physical training
program. A well-conceived plan of military physical readiness training must be an integral part of every unit training
program. This manual prescribes doctrine for the execution of the Army Physical Readiness Training (PRT) system.
TC 3-22.20 comprises the print portion of Army Physical Readiness Training.

This TC 3-22.20 prescribes DA Form 705-R, Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard.
The United States Army Physical Fitness School is the responsible agency for the development of this publication.

The Army assesses, plans, prepares and executes training and leader development through training based on tasks,
conditions and standards. Knowing the task, assessing the level of proficiency against the standard and developing a
sustained or improved training plan is the essence of all Army training.

Army training overall prepares Soldiers, leaders and units to fight in the full spectrum of operations. Combat readiness
is the Army’s primary focus as it transitions to a more agile, versatile, lethal and survivable force. Physical Readiness
Training (PRT) prepares Soldiers and units for the physical challenges of fulfilling this mission in the face of a wide
range of threats, in complex operational environments and with emerging technologies.

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Army Physical Readiness Training
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