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The 1.5 Mile Run APRT Event. This APRT is on Hold
During the 1.5-mile run event of the army physical readiness test, the timer and back-up timer are at the starting line
and will be also at the finish line calling out loud the elapsed time of the run in minutes and seconds as Soldiers cross
the finish line. Scorers will listen for the time for each runner they are grading and record the time on the
DA Form 705
in the appropriate block.

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When Soldiers complete all of their APRT events, the scorer records the 60-yard progressive shuttle run time,
records the correct number of completed rowers and push-ups, records distance on the standing long jump, records
the 1.5-mile run time, enters event raw scores on the scorecard and initials each event on the scorecard. The scorer
then returns all score cards to the OIC/NCOIC.

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